Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catching up!

Well its been awhile since I have written here... I want to say its because I have been so busy.. but that isn't quite true as I have plenty of time to frequent my Facebook page and see what all my friends are up to these days. It isn't because nothing has happened in my family newsworthy because I could sure fill these pages.... My life is a sitcom waiting to be aired!!! I keep others entertained by my families escapades!!! I believe the reason for my silence would be.. is anyone really interested in seeing inside of me or my family... ???? I love reading others blogs but can't possibly think others would be interested in what I had to write about. I guess its a perception issue and looking into why I created this blogspot. Something to ponder on....hmmnnn. Wonder what my conclusion will be???

I have entered 2010 with the desire to change how my life has been... I feel like I haven't really grasped the purpose that I have as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.... I seem to just fly here and fly there... get up, go to bed, and so the days, weeks, months and yes year passes not accomplishing anything. I am struggling with either wanting to be something I am not.. an organized, yet flexible, purpose driven homemaker. If those qualities can ever be wrapped into one individual. Maybe I don't have what it takes.. some people are just organized... schedule driven people... I am on paper.. but I seem to lack what it takes to actually stick to one.. a schedule that is...
I recently watched the movie "Julia/Julie" I think that was the title.. the character in the story has lacked purpose and decides to work her way through Julia Childs cookbook for an entire year. She is also blogging about her adventure... Although I have to admit I got a little snoozy through the middle of the movie.. I seem to keep gravitating to the characters project and wish that I could do something like that.. it seems fun... Just not sure how to begin... Many questions.. such as.. " What if my family doesn't like what I cook?" " What if I don't like what the recipe calls for or it just doesn't sound appealing?" " What cookbook or website should I use?" Many things to think about.. What would you suggust???

Alot of things to ponder on... until next time...

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