Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I have returned!

Well I am back .... I have had a busy 8 months.. some great learning, stretching times.... I was able to purchase a laptop for my birthday that I have wanted for a long time. I always thought that with a laptop I would be able to better blog and keep it up because I wouldn't have to be fighting for time on the computer. Well this summer has not proved that possible. The kids are back in school as of Monday the 16th. This will be a fun year with our oldest being a senior. We have some college fairs and trips to explore, she has already had her pictures taken so that is out of the way. Things are different this year as she has opted to only play one sport after playing 3 sports since junior high. She loves softball and that is all she wants to play this year. She is working and trying to save up money and concentrating on her grades. The days ahead will be filled with many memories. Our next daughter is a sophmore this year. Kalinda has gotten taller this summer and loves to hug me and comment on my shortness! She finished her drivers ed course so I have a chauffeur until next June when she can get her license. Now if she could only get a job. She is getting discouraged because she has filled out a ton of applications but many have said until she is 16 they can't hire her. So we wait for December when she will turn 16. Kameron is an eighth grader and wants to play sports so badly. But until his schedule frees up some that is going to have to be a dream for the spring. He keeps busy walking our neighbors dog, Destiny, and mowing his lawn. Lastly, Kaitlyn entered the 4th grade. She has a great teacher and I am praying this is the year the light bulb comes on and things begin to make sense. She took the summer off of playing softball but is looking forward to playing basketball this winter. She uses alot of her free time to shoot baskets and work on her dribbling. "She wants to be good!", she says. She has kept me busy this summer with her two friends. She even got to go to Indianapolis with her friend and see the Barbie exhibit at the Children's Museum and go to the Indianapolis Zoo.

I am looking forward again to subbing this year. I had to stop in April so I could homeschool my son, and I realized how much I missed the variety and the students. But until that picks up I am enjoying getting some projects done around the house and drinking in the quiet that is my house as I wish my kids goodbye for school. I sit down at my kitchen table with my cup of coffee and breathe a big sigh and let it all sink in!!! I am reminded that in the quiet I can hear the still small voice of my Savior speaking His love words to my heart.

Mike has been very busy at his work. Which was a God-send with my not subbing since April, but it has been very draining on him. He has worked 6 days a week, averaging 12 hours a day. He has had only 3 Saturdays off since March. He is hopeful that things will be changing soon and they will get their Saturdays free.

God has been so FAITHFUL over the past 8 months. Our family has been through some rough waters but I do believe we are emerging in better shape than when we began... We have made some great strides. We are looking forward to a great year and enjoying our times spent as a family as that will change sooner than we think with the graduation of Katrina. As stated in my January post I am still desiring to perfect something and say I have accomplished something in 2010. I have only 3 more months to go.. I better get on it!!!

Thanks for stopping by...


Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am narrowing it down!!!

Feeding on my thoughts from yesterday I have been doing some more soul searching and I think I am narrowing things down. I know I have been tossing around the whole cooking through someone's cookbook but I have too many unanswered questions and with my picky family and limited finances I don't think I would be able to pull this one off. So I have narrowed it down to these choices. Something I would like to learn the art of.... i.e. cake decorating or how to make scrumptious rolls or breads..... or something I would like to improve on...i.e. making cookies and candies... so I am ready for Christmas next year. Have I wet any ones palate yet? I am still stuck on the food aspect. I know how to do many things just not well... so I would like to pick an area and work on that so at the end of 2010 I will be able to say.. "With God's help, I accomplished this!". Well to move from the food arena, I would like to focus also on other self improvement needs.. like learning to play with my kids, working on a quiet time for my daughters and son, reading through some books I have been sitting in my bookcase for too long to name a few.

So my question to all those who are reading this... what are some of your goals that you have for this coming year. Who says that goals can only be decided on Jan 1st??? I would love to hear what you have planned for this year? Maybe we can encourage one another and spur one another on to good works.... Stay tuned for further updates on my quest to accomplishment in 2010!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catching up!

Well its been awhile since I have written here... I want to say its because I have been so busy.. but that isn't quite true as I have plenty of time to frequent my Facebook page and see what all my friends are up to these days. It isn't because nothing has happened in my family newsworthy because I could sure fill these pages.... My life is a sitcom waiting to be aired!!! I keep others entertained by my families escapades!!! I believe the reason for my silence would be.. is anyone really interested in seeing inside of me or my family... ???? I love reading others blogs but can't possibly think others would be interested in what I had to write about. I guess its a perception issue and looking into why I created this blogspot. Something to ponder on....hmmnnn. Wonder what my conclusion will be???

I have entered 2010 with the desire to change how my life has been... I feel like I haven't really grasped the purpose that I have as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.... I seem to just fly here and fly there... get up, go to bed, and so the days, weeks, months and yes year passes not accomplishing anything. I am struggling with either wanting to be something I am not.. an organized, yet flexible, purpose driven homemaker. If those qualities can ever be wrapped into one individual. Maybe I don't have what it takes.. some people are just organized... schedule driven people... I am on paper.. but I seem to lack what it takes to actually stick to one.. a schedule that is...
I recently watched the movie "Julia/Julie" I think that was the title.. the character in the story has lacked purpose and decides to work her way through Julia Childs cookbook for an entire year. She is also blogging about her adventure... Although I have to admit I got a little snoozy through the middle of the movie.. I seem to keep gravitating to the characters project and wish that I could do something like that.. it seems fun... Just not sure how to begin... Many questions.. such as.. " What if my family doesn't like what I cook?" " What if I don't like what the recipe calls for or it just doesn't sound appealing?" " What cookbook or website should I use?" Many things to think about.. What would you suggust???

Alot of things to ponder on... until next time...